Friday, March 23, 2007



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Summer is fast approaching! Many of us are planning fun trips for summertime, such as camping, amusement park hopping, float trips, and more. One unfortunate fact of summer is the myriads of bugs, insects, and general critters that come swarming whenever a sugary drink is popped open. Who hasn't had a sweat bee topple to an untimely death in a soda can?

Now, there's a really great, inexpensive solution. Canguards are perfect for that can of soda, juice, or beer. No critters can sneak into your drink and surprise you when you slurp! At only 50 cents each, I suggest stocking up with these special lids.

Canguards are pretty simple to use. They're basically a snap on lid for aluminum cans. The first time you use one, they are a bit snug, so stretch them a little with your fingers, or simply put them on the unopened can a couple of times, and they will fit the opened can perfectly, with no chance of slipping.

These actually work very well, and do everything they are designed to do. No more bugs!

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