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Avayon MP-85 MP4 Player

MP-85 MP4 Player
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I recently had the opportunity to try this brand new MP4 player from Avayon. I was impressed from the very moment I opened the package. The MP-85 comes in a sleek black case, lined with black velvet-type material. The player has the following specifications:

Features and Functions:

  • 2.0 inch 260K color super clear TFT LCD
  • 2GB Internal Memory
  • USB 2.0 full speed, connect by USB extension cable
  • Built in SD Mini card slot
  • Stainless metal case, super slim appearance
  • Plug and play
  • Supports MP1, MP2, MP3, MPEG4, WMA, AVI, JPEG, and more
  • JPEG compatible
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Multi-language support
  • Song title and lyric are simultaneously displayed
  • FM Radio
  • High Quality Voice/FM record
  • 20 pre-set channels
  • A-B Repeat, repeat one, repeat all
  • Audio 7 EQ Modes: Normal , Jazz, Classic, Pop, Rock, Soft , DBB
  • Time shutdown function
  • E-book (Text Viewer function)
  • Digital album
  • Built-in high quality MIC
  • Built-in stereo speaker
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Game (Tetris)
  • No need of driver installation for Windows 98 or above


  • Earphone Output
  • USB Port
  • Memory Card Slot

Accessories included:

  • Earphones
  • Wall charger and USB cable
  • AVI Converter CD
  • Manual


  • Power supply: Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Unit Dimensions: W 75mm x H 47mm x D 12mm (W 2.9 in x H 1.8 in x D 0.5 in)
  • Unit Weight: 56 g (2.0 oz)
The player has a great feel to it. The front is a glossy black plastic, with silver buttons. The reverse is a brushed stainless steel type. There's a pin-hole sized mic on the top, as well as a on-off switch. There's a small speaker on the reverse, and the bottom has a slot for an optional mini SD card, a headphone jack, and a USB connection.

I put my player through some rigorous testing. For about three weeks, I carried my player with me basically everywhere. I went on some cleaning jobs, one of which is in an extremely noisy environment. I took it on long drives, I used it while walking, and running, and I basically gave the player a good workout. Here's what I found:
1. Sound quality is great.
The included earbuds fit pretty well, for one-size-fits-all earbuds. They are a little smaller than most earbuds, so they fit in most anyone's ears, even small children. One note, though- the earbuds seem to be incompatible with most other devices. I tried them with my RCA MP3 player, as well as my Acer Aspire laptop, and the earbuds actually made the music sound like it had been sped up, except for the deep bass notes. Honestly, though, most people won't find it necessary to use these earbuds on other devices, so I don't anticipate that being an issue for most people. There's a really nice variety of equalizers, so you can change the sound of your music as you wish. There's 7 different presets, and also, happily, an option for user presets. I choose this option, because I like to turn the bass all the way up, and I can set each setting to my preferences. One of the most surprising features to me was the small speaker on the reverse of the player. Disconnect the earbuds, flip over the player, and you have a remarkably loud mini stereo.

2. The player is extremely sturdy.
I'll admit it, I dropped my player a few times. Not on purpose, of course, but by accident. Once, it fell from a height of 4 feet onto a solid concrete floor. I was a little nervous about how the player would hold up, but there's was NO visible signs of damage, and when turned on, the device still worked perfectly! The only sign of use to the exterior, after using the device for several weeks, is a small scratch on the reverse side.

3. Operation is simple.
The player comes with a USB cable and a small CD-ROM. The CD-ROM contains a software program to convert many different video files to .avi files. While this player has no problem playing .mp4 files, converting them to .avi files can significantly reduce file size, hence you'll have a good deal more room on the device. Simply connect the USB cable to your PC, then to the player. In most cases, the device will automatically be recognized and installed. You can then open up the files in Windows Explorer, and drag 'n drop your MP3 or WMA music files, MP4 or AVI video files, TXT or DOC text files, or JPEG pictures files onto the player. A 1GB file took about 20 minutes to transfer, while a 1 song MP3 file took about 10 seconds.

4. Charging is quick and easy.

Charging is also simple and quick. The USB cable is used as the power cord, and charges the play when plugged into a PC. There's also an included wall plug, and the USB cord is connected to the player and the wall plug, then the player can be charged by a power outlet. My player takes about an hour to go from fully drained battery, to fully charged battery. There's a handy color indicator right on the screen. It's green when the battery is well charged, then as the battery discharges, it turns yellow, orange, then red. My player actually charges faster when plugged into the PC, 1 hour, than when plugged into the wall outlet, about 1 1/2 hours.

My final opinion on the MP-85 player? In all honesty, the only thing it needs is a camera to be the perfect personal entertainment system! The video quality is extremely good. The screen is small enough that you can choose a high compression rate without loss of quality, yet is large enough that there won't be any difficulty seeing any of the action on the screen. I am extremely happy that there is a hard protective cover over the screen. There's no risk of hitting or touching the screen too hard and causing damage. The music quality is really, really good. Even MP3 files sound as good, if not better, than a CD played on a 2.1 stereo system. For a small device, the quality is impressive- I usually don't expect much from a portable MP3 player, but this one sounds great! JPEG pictures look great, and the fact that I can take the e-books I download from Project Gutenberg on the player to read anywhere is a huge plus in my eyes. This player is great with small kids, too. Just load an episode of SpongeBob or Dora, and they'll be set for hours! There's numerous freeware programs available online, such as DVD Decrypter, to place DVD files on the player. Just remember... use this responsibly! I'm not liable for any illegal usage of any programs you use or download from the Internet, as well as any trouble you get into! But it's very cool to take home videos with you, as well as YouTube content. I highly recommend the Avayon MP-85 player. The price ($129.99) is very,very reasonable for a 2 GB player, especially one capable of so much. This player will easily outshine any iPod, any day!

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